Thursday, November 12, 2009

November is here...are you ready?

Well, November is upon us and I totally feel like the year is slipping away from me.

My 15 year High School reunion is coming up in a few weeks and it has me thinking where did the time go? I can still vividly remember being in High School, going on Band trips, writing term papers and the general day to day things too. Now I have a step-son in High School!!! Damn but I'm aging, and I have the grey hair to prove that!!

Charlie passed his driver's permit test this week and I now know how my parents felt when I took my test! Scared to death! I keep remembering the flying litter box and the "How do I give the dogs water?" incidents and can't help but think that the world is not ready for him to be behind the wheel of anything, let alone a car!! BTW>>>>said car is still sitting in my back yard in pieces. He has 4 months until he's 16 and ALOT of work to finish!!! See the pictures for proof. We have pieces and parts scattered all over the place and Charlie is still talking like he's going to have a car when he gets his license!! Santa may bring presents, but I don't think he works miracles!!