Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy Busy....

It's been a few weeks since I took some time to post....In that time I've had quite a few very attractive contract job opportunities presented to me. I'm at the point where working is something I want and need to do again. The last 5 months have been fantastic with my munchkin, Emily, but I need adult contact again!

I've also been busy on the crafty side too....I've made a new bag and I'm getting complements on it where ever I go. I'm working out ways to make this one dog-themed too for my dog lover friends. I've got two orders already! I've also put some of my projects up on the internet craft fair I spoke about a few weeks ago.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Got Shorts??

Over the weekend I had a crafty "ah hah" moment....seeing a lot of younger women in the malls and out and about with silly words written across their butts got me thinking. If the young and hip do it, why can't the heading towards middle aged do it too? So I made these! I wrote "Basset Rule" across the butt of a very cute pair of shorts. Please give me your opinions! I know I will wear a pair once the warm weather gets here to stay!
I also made them in a plain grey sweatshirt type material and I'm debating about where to write on them since I seriously doubt my husband , or another guy, will wear shorts with something on the butt!
I'll be posting these to the Daily Drool and selling them for donations to Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Emily, Kitties ,Tyler and Rufus

As many of you are aware, we have a young daughter who has recently discovered that we have funny looking dogs living with us. She will catch sight of one of them, grin, and point to them babbling in that year old baby talk we all love.

Emily loves their ears and is always reaching out to touch them. I usually cringe, because those ears drag on the ground and get in their food, water, etc....The dogs love Emily because she is typically covered with food or other yummy things (at least to them) and are constantly licking her face. I have to say that they are extremely gentle with her, which amazes me because they are so big!! Tyler weighs about 60 pounds and Ru is probably close to 70 pounds. Tyler is more aware of Emily than Ru is and he's always checking where she is in the house.

Emily's favorite resident in the house is my ancient cat, Devil Cat.

Devil is one of those cats who hates just about everyone. She tolerates Emily and all of the fur pulling, ear digging and tail chewing Emily can dish out with a calm expression. I think to myself, this is not the Devil Cat I know and love.....she's usually pretty quick to whip out the nails and dig in.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's been a while.....

So, first off I was cruising Craigslist this past weekend and stumbled upon a really unique idea. It's basically a craft show without the crowds.....an internet based craft fair looking to market themselves and find new talent. I had been thinking of buying a site from GoDaddy to post pictures of some of my projects and maybe make a few bucks with them. Turns out these ladies are doing just that but they're collaborating and sharing costs.

Check them out here..... http://www.willkarecreations.com/

Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Boy Lost....

So yesterday was a beautiful day here in the great northeast.....the dogs spent most of the day outside sunning themselves and barking at anyone who happened to walk by.

Tyler usually takes the steps to the back garage, Hunny gets the steps leading to the back gate and Ru usually lays in front of the front garage door.

I'm recovering from surgery and thought I'd take a nap somewhere around 2 yesterday afternoon, my husband was out on the quad on a friend's property. I left the pooches outside because they were all snoozing and looked to be enjoying themselves. Mistake number one. Mistake two was not replacing the lock on the front gate.

I got up somewhere around 3:30 in the afternoon to use the bathroom and as I usually do I looked out the window to see what's going on. Well, to my surprise I see Rufus' red and white backside in the trash cans out front. That's not right! They can't get to the can if the gates are closed. I abort the mission to the bathroom and run downstairs to check the gates. They were wide open! Rufus didn't stray far, he only made it to the front sidewalk near the trash cans. Hunny never left the yard.....that leaves Tyler. He, of course, is no where to be found. I put Hunny and Ru in the house, run up the stairs and get Emily up from her nap and into a stroller.

I call my parents to help in the rescue mission and call my husband's friend (he left his cell phone home on the charger) to tell him about the escape.

I am cruising up and down the streets near the house checking out all of his usual places to sniff. No Tyler. I go back home to check the answering machine to see if anyone found him. No messages. I'm getting a little upset now. I try to call the police dept, but where I live it's kind of a silly set up. The police dept in Jermyn doesn't really have a phone number. We have what's called a Communications Center that covers most of Lackawanna County. I get an answering machine not a person who can patch me through to Jermyn Police. Usually I can get a message to them that Tyler's missing again and if they find him they will put him in the car and bring him home.

My parents arrive and start cruising around too, no luck. My husband arrives home and he's out searching too. I'm walking the neighborhood praying out loud asking the Lord to bring Tyler back to us safely. My hubby passes me going in a direction that Tyler doesn't usually travel when he gets out. Thankfully he did because he found Tyler coming around the side of the house about a mile away on the main drag in Mayfield. Thankfully he was retuned to us again.