Sunday, May 27, 2012

United Methodist Church of Lake Hopatcong

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved living on the lake and loved her Church family. I have been thinking about my childhood church a lot lately. Maybe because my own church is growing and changing every week and I'm comparing this new church to the one I grew up in. It was the foundation of who I am today. I went to Sunday School and later the United Methodist Church of Lake Hopatcong UMYF Youth Group. The leaders we had made such an impact on my and my leading of the Moosic Alliance church youth that I can't help be keep thinking back to Julie, Bevan and Heather who lead our youth group, took us on retreats, camping, rafting and a host of other things. I never got the get saved, get life message from Julie and the rest of them but I did get a fellowship that I cannot forget. I logged back into my blog after a very long absence to thank them for their dedication so many years ago. If you happen to be one of our fearless leaders from Lake Hopatcong please message me....I'd love an opportunity to thank you personally! The picture is from a retreat I recently took with my current students thank you too because I talk about you with them quite often.