Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My husband was laid off for two weeks, he went back to work today. Thankfully.
Emily and I surely loved having him home, when we saw him. He has spent a lot of time disassembling the Mustang and we now have stacks of pieces spread around the garage. I can see the "project" part of Project Car now. This car that looked so great for being almost 45 years old is actually full of rust, bondo and a good portion of it's original parts. We posted some of the parts he didn't want to deal with repairing on Craigslist. Others like the trunk and hood we're keeping! The engine and transmission are also keepers thankfully. We'll be adding power disc brakes and possibly rack and pinion steering once the body is complete.

We've made a couple critical decisions regarding the look of the car when it's complete. We've decided to bring it as close to it's original look as possible. For you Mustang people out there. It's a R Ivy Green paint and D8 interior. More to come I am sure!!
On the hound front of our world.....Rufus is enjoying all of the work on the car because he gets to snooze in front of the stove in the garage while Chuck takes the car apart!
Tyler on the other hand is now afraid to even approach the garage because the car has no exhaust and he's afraid of the noise it makes now. Poor Ty, he's afraid of so many things he has a hard time functioning in a noisy world. We have to put him in the basement with a happy pill when thunder storms or fireworks are expected.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Look what I made!!

With Ru's mounting veterinary bills and my unemployment I decided to start making things to try to offset some of the costs. This weekend I made a quilted bag with a basset hound applique on the front pocket.

I'm thinking $20 a piece for a bag like this one......If you want me please get in touch.

Thankfully Rufus is back to his usual antics and is feeling much better than he had been. Again, thank you everyone for your prayers and drool.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rufus returns home

The power of prayer (Drool) has proved itself to me again today. After a long weekend of prayer before Ru's appointment with the vet on Monday Rufus has recovered enough to return home. We have gained some precious time with our big, crazy Rufus.
Ru's blood levels returned to a more normal level yesterday and after two days of IV fluids and mega doses of steroids he has returned to his couch to snooze with his friends.
I cannot thank all of you who prayed and from the basset world, sent drool, for Rufus you will never know how much it means to one family and their dogs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And then there were two.....

I took Rufus to the vet yesterday afternoon. He had to be admitted for IV fluids to try to bring him around. Dr J isn't quite sure yet what's going on but his suspicion is renal failure and not an Addison's crisis. We will know more about our options later today when he has another blood test to check his renal function after hydration.

Tyler is confused and followed me around last night whining as if to say, "Well, where is he?". Hunny is looking for him too but she's a little more reserved.

We've all made the awful decision to part with a beloved pet but it never gets any easier.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More hound pictures and Mr Rufus

Firstly, let me say that Ru was doing much better earlier in the week but has started to slip backward again. Rufus needs our help, strength and love right now. He sees his vet on Monday afternoon to try to figure out what's going on.

I'm adding some pictures of the hounds to my blog so that everyone can see what they look like.
The first picture is Rufus on the Lewes - Cape May ferry on our way to Boardwaddle 2008. The second is an action shot of Tyler running past the Mustang yesterday morning. He loves snow and ice and will happily jump around in it for hours if we let him.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mustang is forgotten already.....

I'm still basking in the reality of owning a 66 Mustang, my husband has moved onto a Grand Am that needs brake lines. I guess getting the Mustang running didn't take him as long as he thought because this morning he calls from work and says, "Honey, one of the guys at work has a car for sale. A 90 something Grand Am that needs brake work. We can fix it and sell it on ebay. Its worth at least $2500." Meanwhile I'm thinking about the 6 cars we already have in our yard and garages ,where are we going to put another one?!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mr Ru is sick too

Poor Rufus the Goofus is sick too.....why do dogs and kids always get sick on the weekends? Ru as I've said in the past has Addison's disease and his health is always a little rocky because of it. Ru has refused food since Friday, very unlike Ru. Normally he eats everything in sight and is still looking for more. I have a call into his vet and we'll be seeing him tomorrow sometime. We're hoping he just needs a medication adjustment and he will return to normal. Droolers out there in your thing! Ru needs some sent his way.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby Emily is sick.

My year old daughter is sick and has been since Dec 22. Emily was a micro-preemie and we're always vigilant about keeping her away from other people who may be sick because her immunity is not what it should be. We didn't succeed this time. At 13 pounds and a year old this little girl cannot afford to stop eating for more than a day or two. Please pray that our little girl returns to normal soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The newest toy......

Ok, so as I've said in the past my husband is a car nut. On Monday (Dec 29, 2008) we purchased a 1966 Mustang Coupe. Chuck has been outside in the crazy cold (7 degrees) just sitting in the car to hear it run for the last three days. I love him and I love Mustangs, but that is just CRAZY! As I sit here typing this he's revving the engine and probably pissing off a few neighbors too. I will not get into the neighbor situation today.....I will leave that for another time.
This has been my dream car since I was in high school and to have one sitting in my driveway is amazing to me because I never thought I would own one. Now begins the restoration or the money pit part of owning a classic! Yes the car runs and drives right now but if I know Chuck it won't be running for long. It will be in buckets, boxes and bags spread around the garage while he works on the exterior of the car.
We're now up to 6 cars on our property again and I'm sure we're breaking some rule somewhere. Maybe it's kinda like the kennel license I should have for dogs? More than 4 you need to make sure the government says it's ok???? Who knows. More to come as we being the resoration.