Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Boy Lost....part two

Last night around 6 we discovered that someone, has again, opened our gates and let the dogs out. Our neighbor, Staci, called us to let us know she had just put Rufus back in the yard. This is the third time in two months someone has done this to my dogs, excluding the hubby accident from a month ago. Tyler, of course, was the lone missing dog. We started our usual patrol of the neighborhood. Chuck in the car, myself with the two munchkins on foot.

This time I called the police and reported it, even though I was low on information. I just hope that somehow the culprit sees how devastating this can be to a dog owner. I had such a helpless feeling while Tyler was missing. I talked to anyone out on their porches soaking in the warm evening. No one has seen him. All of his usual spots had no Tyler. We cruised the neighborhood and further for almost three hours. Just past 9pm our neighbor, Ernie, brought our boy home.
Ernie found Tyler about 3 blocks away in someone's fenced in yard with two little yappers. I'm hoping that she didn't plan to keep him and was just waiting for the morning to call the number on his tags. I guess I will never know, but I am very thanful that Ernie joined in the search this time around. Tyler has returned to his futon and is lounging again as only a Basset Hound can do.

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