Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bassets 0, Bunnies 1

I have neglected my blog for quite some time and I feel terrible about it.
The hounds have enjoyed their summer, even if it has been a rainy one. Tyler and Hunny have discovered the bunnies that live in our yard and will spend hours trying to get them. Thankfully the bunnies are smarter than they are!
We have two wood piles in the back where the bunnies have made their homes. Tyler and Hunny know this and will shove their snouts in as far as they can go. While the noses are hidden the bunnies make their ways over to the second woodpile and make sure the dogs can see them just before they scoot inside! Tyler takes off to the other side of the yard, Hunny follows, bunnies go back to the other location. This takes place for hours and I get such a kick out of watching it.
I jsut wish I had some pictures or video of this crazy event! More to come when I can snap some stealthy pictures!

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