Friday, December 12, 2008

A dreamer?

I created this blog to keep my sanity as a stay-at-home mommy. I don't really miss the working, but I do miss the the workers. I miss having people around me all day who can hold a normal conversation.
Have you ever known someone that despite limited resources still has grand dreams all of the time? As I said in my initial post, my husband is a car fanatic and he's always looking for the next acquisition. He peruses Craigslist daily for "stuff" and he's obsessed with Ebay looking for the next deal.
Keep dreaming my love...


  1. Nice to meet you Brenda! I will look forward to reading your blog and look forward to pictures of your bassets should you post them. Have you heard of the Droopy Basset Rescue? or Slobberfest? We love it! Stop by and visit us sometime!

  2. I went to slobberfest once back in 2003 or 2004. Lots of fun to be had there!