Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello Cyberspace

Hello there cyberspace....

I'm Brenda and this is my life. Sounds kinda like a 60's game show, I know. A bit about me and my big and mostly happy family.
I'm a 33 year old married woman from Northeastern Pennsylvania (yes, I know former armpit of America) and I genuinely love it here in my corner of this world. I have one daughter and three step-sons.
If that doesn't make me crazy enough....add in two basset hounds, a collie and three cats! And I can't forget the four goldfish. I volunteer for Basset Hound rescues here in Pennsylvania. Have questions about helping a homeless hound....ask me!

My parents live in Scranton, PA and usually end up contributing to the madness. They're not the usual sharp tacks most of the time. Mom's a bit , ok a lot, lazy and dad is focused most of the time on getting to the casino and his 'game'. Neither hear everything I say so the do a lot of "assuming" and mis-understanding which only serves to frustrate me!

My husband is one more part of the insanity. The man lives for cars and all of the things they include. We currently have five on our property plus a quad, riding lawnmower and snowblower that cost more than most of our first cars!! Of the five cars, we drive three of them.
The van to cart around the family, the pickup to haul stuff and the Subaru Baja that's the toy! We'd like to add a '60's Mustang sometime soon. My friends often tease me that we are growing a used car lot and all that we needed were the multi-colored flags draped around the back yard. Someday soon that may just happen.

My opinions are numberous and usually railing against the "Big Brother" society we're growing here in the US!

I am currently unemployed by choice, I resigned my job earlier this month. Awful time to quit, just before Christmas but my sanity really needed it. I am looking for something rewarding and low stress (If that job exists let me know where to find it. LOL) Truthfully, I'd be really happy to be a stay at home mommy for the next couple of years. My daughter deserves it!

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