Monday, December 15, 2008

A Basset Hound named Tyler.....

Ok, since I've named this blog Basset Hounds, Babies and happiness I think it's time to start telling you about the hounds.
My first and admittedly favorite hound is Tyler. He was named after Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Tyler is grumpy, moody and hyper all at the same time. He is afraid of just about everything in his little world....the quad, vacuum cleaners, brooms, cats named Simba and motorcycles.
Rufus is the second hound and is as mellow as Tyler is hyper. Ru doesn't care where he is or what he's doing as long as he has a soft spot to lay on. He's a canine garbage can too, which has its good and bad points. Ru is also an Addison's doggy, he's been on Percorten shots since we adopted him from Tri-State back in 2005.
Hunny is the only dog who is not a basset, she's a collie/sheltie mix and very sweet and tolerant of Tyler and all of his goofy antics. Hunny is also a rescue doggy from a local shelter.
We also have three kitties....Devil Cat, KC and Simba.
The hounds in the picture are barking at the cat KC. Tyler is the Tri-Color in the front, Hunny is the shaggy tall dog and Ru's tail is showing behind her.

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