Thursday, January 1, 2009

The newest toy......

Ok, so as I've said in the past my husband is a car nut. On Monday (Dec 29, 2008) we purchased a 1966 Mustang Coupe. Chuck has been outside in the crazy cold (7 degrees) just sitting in the car to hear it run for the last three days. I love him and I love Mustangs, but that is just CRAZY! As I sit here typing this he's revving the engine and probably pissing off a few neighbors too. I will not get into the neighbor situation today.....I will leave that for another time.
This has been my dream car since I was in high school and to have one sitting in my driveway is amazing to me because I never thought I would own one. Now begins the restoration or the money pit part of owning a classic! Yes the car runs and drives right now but if I know Chuck it won't be running for long. It will be in buckets, boxes and bags spread around the garage while he works on the exterior of the car.
We're now up to 6 cars on our property again and I'm sure we're breaking some rule somewhere. Maybe it's kinda like the kennel license I should have for dogs? More than 4 you need to make sure the government says it's ok???? Who knows. More to come as we being the resoration.

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