Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My husband was laid off for two weeks, he went back to work today. Thankfully.
Emily and I surely loved having him home, when we saw him. He has spent a lot of time disassembling the Mustang and we now have stacks of pieces spread around the garage. I can see the "project" part of Project Car now. This car that looked so great for being almost 45 years old is actually full of rust, bondo and a good portion of it's original parts. We posted some of the parts he didn't want to deal with repairing on Craigslist. Others like the trunk and hood we're keeping! The engine and transmission are also keepers thankfully. We'll be adding power disc brakes and possibly rack and pinion steering once the body is complete.

We've made a couple critical decisions regarding the look of the car when it's complete. We've decided to bring it as close to it's original look as possible. For you Mustang people out there. It's a R Ivy Green paint and D8 interior. More to come I am sure!!
On the hound front of our world.....Rufus is enjoying all of the work on the car because he gets to snooze in front of the stove in the garage while Chuck takes the car apart!
Tyler on the other hand is now afraid to even approach the garage because the car has no exhaust and he's afraid of the noise it makes now. Poor Ty, he's afraid of so many things he has a hard time functioning in a noisy world. We have to put him in the basement with a happy pill when thunder storms or fireworks are expected.

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