Friday, February 20, 2009

Sadly we must let them go.....

My husband and I came to sad conclusions yesterday....we have to sell our cars (well two of the six anyway). I hate to part with them but the economy is killing this particular household along with so many others. We are selling the beloved Subaru and Dodge Dakota to save us $700 a month in payments and another $125 in insurance. I posted the Subaru on Craigslist this morning and a friend of my husband is going to buy the truck.

I am not totally happy about the prospect of driving the mom-mobile "M I N I" Van as one of my former co-workers used to say but it is paid for and cheap to insure! We are currently looking for another truck for me to knock around in that's cheap enough to pay cash for. I'm hoping for a Chevy Silverado this time around.

Last Friday my car-nut hubby purchased another fixer, this time a Ford Ranger that is bright yellow. Up until 4 or 5 years ago I would have loved having a yellow anything and would have jumped on it. Now, it's just something else cluttering up my yard. Chuck started taking it apart, rather finished what the previous owner didn't. Now it's off to another junkyard to find parts! Yippee!

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