Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bassets being bassets.....

Well, now that Mr Rufus has fully recovered from his brush with death I do believe he decided to give mom a scare.

One day last week a dead bird showed up on the back porch. All of the dogs seemed to be ignoring it until Rufus decided to eat the dead bird. My step-son David came running around the side of the house yelling "Ru ate something", my husband chimes in "He ate the bird, well he ate part of the thing",YUK! I cleaned up what remained and threw it in the trash. Fast forward to today....Rufus is guarding something in the yard and I walk over to him. What does he have? Another dead bird!!! I'd love to know where they're finding them in February in the great northeast! Are my lazy, crazy bassets secret bird dogs?? The only thing they chase is the neighbor's cat, Magic, who is smart enough to know that he needs to stay outside the fence or be slobbered to death.

Once I go to get the poop scoop to remove the bird, all three of them followed me from the scene of the crime to the front gate. Tyler and Ru then decide that it's time to play "cat" and stretch like there's nothing going on! Hunny, walks away. I guess I ruined their fun for the afternoon.....

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