Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Boy Lost....

So yesterday was a beautiful day here in the great northeast.....the dogs spent most of the day outside sunning themselves and barking at anyone who happened to walk by.

Tyler usually takes the steps to the back garage, Hunny gets the steps leading to the back gate and Ru usually lays in front of the front garage door.

I'm recovering from surgery and thought I'd take a nap somewhere around 2 yesterday afternoon, my husband was out on the quad on a friend's property. I left the pooches outside because they were all snoozing and looked to be enjoying themselves. Mistake number one. Mistake two was not replacing the lock on the front gate.

I got up somewhere around 3:30 in the afternoon to use the bathroom and as I usually do I looked out the window to see what's going on. Well, to my surprise I see Rufus' red and white backside in the trash cans out front. That's not right! They can't get to the can if the gates are closed. I abort the mission to the bathroom and run downstairs to check the gates. They were wide open! Rufus didn't stray far, he only made it to the front sidewalk near the trash cans. Hunny never left the yard.....that leaves Tyler. He, of course, is no where to be found. I put Hunny and Ru in the house, run up the stairs and get Emily up from her nap and into a stroller.

I call my parents to help in the rescue mission and call my husband's friend (he left his cell phone home on the charger) to tell him about the escape.

I am cruising up and down the streets near the house checking out all of his usual places to sniff. No Tyler. I go back home to check the answering machine to see if anyone found him. No messages. I'm getting a little upset now. I try to call the police dept, but where I live it's kind of a silly set up. The police dept in Jermyn doesn't really have a phone number. We have what's called a Communications Center that covers most of Lackawanna County. I get an answering machine not a person who can patch me through to Jermyn Police. Usually I can get a message to them that Tyler's missing again and if they find him they will put him in the car and bring him home.

My parents arrive and start cruising around too, no luck. My husband arrives home and he's out searching too. I'm walking the neighborhood praying out loud asking the Lord to bring Tyler back to us safely. My hubby passes me going in a direction that Tyler doesn't usually travel when he gets out. Thankfully he did because he found Tyler coming around the side of the house about a mile away on the main drag in Mayfield. Thankfully he was retuned to us again.


  1. Oh my gracious, I can imagine how upset you were! Thankfully you found him! Sometimes doggies have angels watching over them too! Have a happy day!

  2. I'm sorry you had such a scare - but very happy your Tyler came home to you.

  3. Tyler's angel must have a very fast wings!