Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Emily, Kitties ,Tyler and Rufus

As many of you are aware, we have a young daughter who has recently discovered that we have funny looking dogs living with us. She will catch sight of one of them, grin, and point to them babbling in that year old baby talk we all love.

Emily loves their ears and is always reaching out to touch them. I usually cringe, because those ears drag on the ground and get in their food, water, etc....The dogs love Emily because she is typically covered with food or other yummy things (at least to them) and are constantly licking her face. I have to say that they are extremely gentle with her, which amazes me because they are so big!! Tyler weighs about 60 pounds and Ru is probably close to 70 pounds. Tyler is more aware of Emily than Ru is and he's always checking where she is in the house.

Emily's favorite resident in the house is my ancient cat, Devil Cat.

Devil is one of those cats who hates just about everyone. She tolerates Emily and all of the fur pulling, ear digging and tail chewing Emily can dish out with a calm expression. I think to myself, this is not the Devil Cat I know and love.....she's usually pretty quick to whip out the nails and dig in.

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